Thank You

to all our wonderful student and parent volunteers!


When will wreaths be delivered?

Wreaths were delivered on November 30, so if you weren't home, check by your front door. If you still don't see your wreath, please let us know asap.

What if I received the wrong number of wreaths?

Please contact us right away so we can resolve the issue.

Who gets the money from this fundraiser?

In April, high school students who participate in Concert Choir, Concert Band and Orchestra will be taking a trip to Williamsburg, Virginia. Proceeds from the wreath sale will help defray trip costs. Blake students take a trip to Six Flags.

What happens if I listed a student for the referral?

Students can deduct $5 for every wreath referral they made.


When the time comes for MHS students to make their final payment for the music trip, they will receive an email confirming the amount in trip credits they earned.


Blake students can take money off their payment for Six Flags.

Are these wreaths different than in past years?

Yes. We had some supply challenges over the past few years so we found a different wreath that would be more reliable. This year's product is sourced from the USA. It's slightly smaller (20" diameter) so that we could stay within the same price range as in the past but we are told it is higher quality and has better needle retention.


Why isn't there a bow on my wreath? 

We did used to put bows on the wreaths, but this year's product contains Noble Fir greens mixed with Incense Cedar, Juniper and Ponderosa Cone accents, so it seemed like that might be overkill.


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