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buy your Medfield masks and gaiters here

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We are


of masks

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We have plenty of GAITERS left. Order now!

How much are they?

Masks and gaiters are $12 each or 3 for $30 (in any combination). You don't need to get all masks or all gaiters to qualify for the 3 for $30 deal. And hey, if you're feeling really wild, why not purchase 3 gaiters and 3 masks for $60? It is a fundraiser, after all.

Why buy more than one? 

Experts say cloth face coverings should be washed daily with soap or detergent and hot water. Also, they should be completely dry before reusing, as wet material can promote the growth of microorganisms. Both masks and gaiters are fully washable and reusable.

Oh, and then there's the part about how this is a fundraiser! The more you buy, the more you support the Medfield Music Association.


What are they made of?

The masks are 4-ply 100% cotton front with 5% additional spandex in the ear bands for stretch. The gaiters are 1-ply polyester. Neither have a filter pocket.

Do you have child sizes?

Not yet, but if there's enough interest, we'd be happy to order another batch and include smaller-sized masks and gaiters.  Let us know if you are interested (and how many you might purchase). We will notify you if we go that route.

When and where can I pick up my purchase?

Masks/gaiters will arrive the third week in August. Jamie O'Loughlin has offered to set up a space outside her home for safe and easy pickup. More info will be sent to you via email.


Can I pay by check?

Sure! If you would like to write a check, please complete the information online so we can place your order, then write a check payable to MEDFIELD MUSIC ASSOCIATION and send it to:

Arden O'Donnell

219 Causeway Street

Medfield, MA 02052

Is there a fee if I order online?

Yes. We are charged about 3% of each sale, but we are covering it on our side, so you won't see it added to your total when you checkout.

What is the MMA doing with the money raised?

The Medfield Music Association supports music education for K-12 students in Medfield Public Schools. Money raised will help provide equipment, scholarships, concerts, professional development, accompanists, and other requests made by music staff.

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