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Music Alumni Matt Aucoin ('08) featured in Wall Street Journal


When Matt Aucoin came back to talk to the Medfield High School Jazz Band a couple of years ago, it was the first time many of the younger MHS students had ever met someone of such musical prominence -- let alone a graduate of their school and jazz band predecessor. 


Since that inspiring afternoon, Aucoin has been featured several times in major publications, including the Boston Globe and Wall Street Journal


Is Matt Aucoin the next Leonard Bernstein? Click here to check out the latest major feature article on Aucoin in the Wall Street Journal.  


About his experience at MHS, Aucoin noted in a recent alumni survey:


"My experiences with the Medfield Music Program were the most challenging, the most exciting, and the most fun aspect of my time at MHS. It was the beating heart of my scholastic experience. It was anything but 'extracurricular.


"I already knew, upon entering high school, that I wanted to spend my life in music. You might expect an already-committed musician to have been insufficiently challenged by a small town's public-school music program. Quite the contrary: I found that what was being asked of me, especially in jazz band, made deeper demands than almost any of my other classes. In making music, we are asked to take responsibility for time itself, and Doug Olsen has the gift of helping each student to form her or his own relationship to Time, to what rhythm is, to what harmony is, to what it means to try to create something in the electric atmosphere of music. This is a huge responsibility. It's the teaching of self-sufficiency, empathy, sensitivity, articulateness, intelligence, humor, sensual awareness. It's a crash course in being alive. After being asked to take responsibility for the making of music, nothing is ever quite the same again.


"I want to emphasize that I learned more about how to communicate, how to react, how to think, and how to "make time/how to live" – I learned more about these things in the music program than I did in any other class at Medfield High School. Our world will be better off the more it recognizes that music is not merely a mode of recreation: it is an art, a science, a language. It should be at the heart of education at every level."


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