Why is the MMA selling different wreaths this year?

We've faced some supply challenges over the past few years. The issues lie with manufacturers in Canada who supply balsam to most vendors in the U.S.  Therefore, we found a different wreath that is just as beautiful, sourced from the USA and more reliable. It's slightly smaller (20" diameter) so that we could stay within the same price range as in the past. As a bonus, it's also higher quality with better needle retention.


Are you still putting bows on the wreaths? 

No. Instead of a balsam wreath with a bow, this year's product contains Noble Fir greens mixed with Incense Cedar, Juniper and Ponderosa Cone accents (see image above). It has a lot going on and we thought a bow might be overkill. If you decide you want to add a bow to yours, go for it.


How much are they?

Wreaths cost $25 each. Feel free to buy 10 of them, or sell them to your neighbors, or buy them for your office. This is a fundraiser, after all.

What if I won't be home on delivery day?

Wreaths will be delivered on November 30, the Saturday after Thanksgiving and it's no problem if you aren't home. We'll leave your wreath/s in an obvious place.

Who gets the money from this fundraiser?

In April, high school students who participate in Concert Choir, Concert Band and Orchestra will be taking a trip to Williamsburg, Virginia. Proceeds from the wreath sale will help defray trip costs. If you would like to designate a specific student to benefit from your purchase, be sure to list his/her name where it says "referred by."

What if I don't have a student referral?

That's fantastic. More money for our general scholarship fund which benefits all students in need of financial assistance.

What if I don't live in Medfield?

If you live close to the Medfield boundary, don't worry about it. We'll still deliver to you. Otherwise, we'll deliver to the student who sold the wreath to you and s/he can arrange a drop-off or pick-up. If you are in California, we may have a problem.

What if I miss the November 12 deadline?

Any leftover wreaths will be sold at Medfield home football game on Thanksgiving Day. Ideally, we won't have any left, but if we do, that's where you will find them.

Can I help deliver wreaths on the Saturday after Thanksgiving?

We thought you'd never ask. Of course you can!  We would love your help. We are also looking for people to sell leftover wreaths at the Thanksgiving football game. You can sign up on SignUpGenius here

Can I pay by check?

No problem. If you would like to write a check, please make it payable to MEDFIELD MUSIC ASSOCIATION and send it with the order form below to:

Julie Layden

2 Hammant Way

Medfield, MA 02052



Is there a fee if I order online?

Yes, unfortunately there is. We are covering it on our side so you won't see it though. We thought the convenience of an online purchase would be worth it for many of our customers. The fee is about 3% of the sale so if you are purchasing 30 wreaths, it would actually be great (for us) if you could write a check. Otherwise, do whatever is easiest.


thank you for your support!

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