Dear Medfield Music Students,


It’s time to kick-off the Annual MMA Wreath Sale!  Remember that, for each wreath you sell, $5 will go toward the cost of your music trip expenses. The more wreaths you sell, the less you will need to pay for the trip!


We’ve had a couple of improvements from last year’s sale that we are excited to share with you:


1) New Wreaths, New Price - The wreaths that we are selling this year are made of a variety of evergreens that retain their needles longer. (See description on attached form). Since they are better quality wreaths, the cost is $25/wreath. 

2)  Online Wreath Orders - In addition to paper order forms used in the past, we are now able to accept orders on the MMA web site. You may email or text the following link to prospective buyers -  If your buyer shops online, they are able to designate you as the beneficiary of the sale. Please remind them to do so. 



The deadline for orders is Tuesday, November 12th. If you miss the deadline, we may have some wreaths available for sale on a first-come, first-serve basis at the Thanksgiving Day football game which will be played at MHS this year.



As in the past, please remember that deliveries are restricted to Medfield. If you have out-of-town friends or family who would like a wreath, the wreath can be delivered to you, and you can take it to the buyer directly. Delivery will take place on Saturday, November 30th. If you would like to help with tagging or deliveries, please sign up at -


Thank you and good luck with your sales!


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