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Celebrating 50 years of supporting music education in Medfield schools

The MMA is a non-profit organization that has supported the award-winning, district-wide Medfield Music Program since 1972.  


Working in partnership with the music staff, the MMA raises funds and provides volunteer support for a range of efforts and activities to enhance and enrich the K-12 music curriculum, and support Medfield music students. The MMA helps bridge the gap where the school budget falls short.


What We Fund

  • Specialized music coaches for ensembles

  • Accompanists for Choral performances

  • String lease program for in-school cellos



  • New uniforms for high school ensembles

  • Scholarships for lessons, camps, trips

  • Visits by guest artists

  • Wheelock Arts Night 

  • Professional recordings and festival participation

Would you like your donation to be included in the November and December concert programs? Donations of $25 or more will be included in the upcoming concert program.

Gold Baton $500 or more

Virtuoso $250 or more

Ensemble $100 or more

Overture $50 or more

Supporter $25 or more


Spring Music Events Calendar


5/10 MAJE Central Jr District Festival, Trottier MS

5/12 Jazz Night, HS Auditorium 7:00pm

5/20 POPS Concert, HS Auditorium, 6:00pm

5/23 HS Music Banquet, HS Cafeteria 7:00pm

5/30 Blake Spring Band Concert, HS Auditorium, 7:00pm

5/31 Blake Spring Chorus/Orchestra Concert, HS Auditorium, 7:00pm


6/2 Great East Festival, Six Flags, Early AM

6/6 Dale Spring Chorus Concert, HS Auditorium, 7:00pm

6/7 Dale Spring Band Concert, HS Auditorium, 7:00pm

6/8 Dale Spring Orchestra Concert, HS Auditorium, 7:00pm

6/15 MEMO Summer Concert, Medfield Gazebo, 8:00pm

All 2022-23 Concert Dates