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*If you would like to request that the MMA not publish photographs of your child during this school year, please email us at: mail@medfieldmusicassociation.com.


Medfield Music Association

P.O. Box 115

Medfield, MA 02052


Lynne Clifford • Co-President

Erika Beisler • Co-President

Melissa Holm • Treasurer

Gretchen Lapham • Secretary

Gretchen McGrory • Director 

Kate Tormey • Director

Tim Borchers • Director

Janice Marble • Director

Jamie O'Neal O'Loughlin • Director

Maryclare O'Hara • Director

Liz Berges  • Director

Cynthia Kirchhoff • Director

Jason Bielik • Music Director (ex-officio)


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